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Food can evoke strong memories. Rosemary might remind you of your grandmother's garden. Spanakopita might remind you of the time you travelled together to Greece and tried the rich spinach laced pastry for the first time. Maybe burgoo reminds you of bringing her to home to Kentucky to meet your parents. The point is, food is one way that couples tell their story. It's important that your caterer not just fill bellies, but also hearts. Weddings are the perfect place to share fragrances, textures, and tastes that defined moments in your relationship. Food is a wonderful way to celebrate who you were, are, and are becoming.

At Farm to Fork, we recommend speaking with potential caterers soon after your engagement. The two most important decisions you'll make are your venue and caterer (after saying “I do,” of course). Not all venues allow any caterer, so it's important to look at these early so you get exactly what you want. Tastings with potential caterers are a great way to "try-on" food just as you would a suit.

Here's a few tips on "trying on" a Farm to Fork wedding: 1) First, fill out an event form so our team can get to know you a little.

2) Next, we'll reach out to review details, sample menus, prices, and even chat about your most unique, off the wall ideas to tell your story. If it sounds like we might be a fit, we'll invite you and your other half to a tasting.

3) Tastings are a boutique experience that give couples a chance to try some farm fresh Kentucky staples and chat with the staff that might feed you on the biggest day of your life. They are intimate gatherings to try some of the best of what we offer. Tastings are fun, casual events. We often see guests forge bonds they compare notes and share stories!

4) Finally, if it's true love, we'll flesh out ideas and pencil in a seasonally appropriate menu (including for the vegan side of the family, or the cousin with the serious gluten aversion). A deposit down and the date is yours!

Whoever you choose to cater your big day; make sure your caterer tells your story. Make it a day as memorable for your guests as your love is to you.

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